(Please note that if you are booking for a couple, you will need to book for two staff if you're using the Online Booking.)

Back Massage

30minute Relaxing Back Massage - Individual

We use Essential Oils and Hot Coconut Oil to aliviate pressure, stress and gently work out tension from any problem areas in your back, neck and shoulders.

30minute Relaxing Back Massage - Double
45minute Full Back Massage - Individual

Enjoy an Aromatherapy Massage of the Neck, Back, Legs and Soles of the Feet using Essential Oils and Hot Coconut Oil.

45minute Full Back Massage - Double
Full Body Care

For the ultimate indulgence a 2.5hour luxury treatment will leave your Mind, Body and Soul in a state of pure bliss. We pamper you with a Full Body Exfoliation, followed by a Hot steam in the Shower, an Essential & Hot Coconut Oil Massage finished with some Love and attention with a hydrating Body Conditioner to finish the treatment. fFnd time to disconnect... to connect. Xx 


Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

20minutes - Individual
20minutes - Double

Full Body Massage

60minutes - Individual

Rejuvenate your whole system with a One Hour Full Body Massage!

60minutes - Double