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Velettà 2 Luxury Cleansing Oil Cloth

Velettà 2 Luxury Cleansing Oil Cloth

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What it is:
Velettà face cloths are silky and soft for a gentle but very effective cleanse that won’t compromise your skin’s barrier. They work brilliantly with Velettà Cleansing Oil, giving you clean, hydrated and soft skin.

“I love how these cloths take every bit of makeup off your face and are so soft and gentle. I also love that they last for months and months.” - Velettà customer

What's in it?
100% PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol) - a water-soluble synthetic polymer. It is biodegradable and PVA fabric breaks down over time and use.

How to use it:

  1. Rinse under warm water to soften the cloth.
  2. Glide over your face to remove make-up, pollution and impurities.

How to care for it:
While one cloth is in use, the other can be washed by hand or in your washing machine (using a cool cycle and without fabric softener). A little shampoo also helps remove mascara and makeup stains. The cloths harden when dry, which prevents the growth of bacteria. 

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