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Katherine Daniels - Sensitive Skin Cream

Katherine Daniels - Sensitive Skin Cream

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Lightweight and Soothing Formulation
Sensitive Skin Cream is a lightweight texture it’s a gel cream.  It brings a soothed skin finish without surface oiliness.  It will immediately calm the surface of your sensitive skin.   

Thanks to the hyper effective comforting and soothing formulation it will help to reduce the signs of skin sensitivity: pain, swelling, itching, redness and heat. With regular use your skin will be restored. It will be more able to defend itself and more able to act more youthfully. 

Sensitive Skin Cream is a lightweight gel cream. It immediately soothes the surface of your sensitive skin. It transforms your skin which is red or high in colour to a more even and calm appearance. Thanks to its gel texture it delivers hydrating properties to your skin. It leaves no oily residue.

Our advanced scientific ingredients are delivered into the deeper layers of your skin to bring strength and resilience. Your skin will be better equipped to defend itself against aggressors.

Sensitivity is a condition of your skin it’s not your skin type. It may happen if you have a dry skin type but haven’t cared for the delicate nature of your skin. Sensitive skin may also happen if the products that you use are too harsh or aggressive.

When your skin’s barrier becomes damaged or weakened pollution and irritants are able to enter your skin. Precious moisture is lost causing dehydration. This leads to the loss of your skin oils. If you’re prone to skin dryness the problem may become worse. In the beginning sensitive skin may appear as slight flushing in response to external factors: changes of temperature, touch, or products.

In the later stages and a more severe form it may flush more deeply in response to caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and hormonal changes. This causes burning and stinging sensations. Your flushing may take a longer time to reduce.




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